Online Learning at Istanbul International!

Like many schools around the world Istanbul International School has ventured into the exciting world of Online Learning these past couple of weeks! Have a look at what we’ve been up to on our instagram page! 

Our Early Years department has been continuing their education on a variety of platforms. First and foremost the early learners are receiving daily work via the Class Dojo platform. Our teachers are preparing explanatory videos for lessons and uploading them to Youtube. Finally Circle Time is carried out on video conferencing software!

The Primary department is using a mixture of tools to carry out the educational program. They use Google Classroom as the general hub, and to support their learning they use Classkick, recorded videos uploaded to Youtube, Google Hangouts to chat with students and video conferencing software for morning and evening sessions. Our primary Physical Education teacher is preparing morning exercise videos for the kids, and our Art, Music, Turkish and English Support Teachers are carrying out live lessons with the tools mentioned above.

The Middle School department has been using Google Classroom throughout the year. The adaptation period for students of this age has been more seamless. Additionally they have been using video conferencing tools to continue their education program. Online classes of Physical Education are ongoing and our Middle School Music teacher is preparing a short online instrumental performance with a small group of talented young musicians!

The High School department has also been using Google Classroom throughout the year and adaptation for the older learners has been more seamless than any other department. The High School department is carrying out full live sessions over the Zoom platform and supporting their learning with a variety of different tools such as Wizer, Charade, Quizlet and Kahoot.

Check our instagram and Facebook pages for weekly updates on our Online activities.

Early Years

Our programme is designed to encourage a balance of child initiated and teacher facilitated activities. The programme offers children a variety of choices. The environment includes art, dramatic play, maths, language work, enjoying books, art, music, water and sand play, science activities, and so on. Our goals include the encouragement of each child’s natural curiosity and interest in learning.

Primary School

Our School’s primary curriculum is built around the need to provide knowledge skills and understanding arranged by subject under three areas of study, environmental studies, life skills and the expressive arts. Our primary grades 1 – 4 are equivalent to Years 2 – 5 in the Cambridge Curriculum.

Middle School

The Middle School is an important bridging period between Primary School and High School. Our Middle School Grades 5 – 8 are equivalent to Years 6 – 9 in the Cambridge Curriculum.


Cambridge IGCSE™ is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds, although it can be taken by students of other ages. It is tried, tested and trusted. It is taught by over 4800 schools in 146 countries. The programmes balance a thorough knowledge and understanding of a subject and help to develop the skills learners need for their next steps in education or employment.

AS/ Level

The A Level syllabuses prepare learners for university study, which is why universities worldwide value and recognise Cambridge International AS & A Level qualifications.