Dear Parents,
We hope this finds you well. We look forward to welcoming you to school and would like to mention a few practical details as you prepare your family for the next school year.
Important Reminder:
As the school is about to start, please contact admissions officer, Mr Aras Doğan, to complete missing documents in your child(ren)’s registration forms.
First day of School:
Date : Monday , September 10
Time : 10.30 – 15.00
Please note that students signed up for the school bus will be collected from home the first day of school.
Parents are expected to leave the school property as soon as the programme begins. This is especially important for the parents of Grade 1 and newcomers in general.
10.00-10.30: Arrival of students .
10.30: Singing of Turkish national anthem in class
10.30-12.00: Orientation to school and programme  by class teacher
12.00-13.00 : Lunch
13.00-15.00: Orientation to school and programme by class teacher
Note: School ends exceptionally at 15.00 on the first day.
School hours are normally between 9.00-16.00.  
Parent Orientation Programme  September 11-14, 2018 / 17.00-18.

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School Calendar: Please take note of the school calendar for 2018-2019 approved by the Ministry of Education.
School Bus: The school bus company can be contacted on the following phone number:
Mobile – (Turkish) 0533 9184660 / (English) 0553 6814390
They have an office in the garden of Campus A.
They are prepared to deliver your child/ren to school already on the first morning of school on Monday, September 10.
Student needs list: Please check the attachment for details of things you need to buy in preparation for the school year.
School Management

Academic Calendar

Student Needs List

Payment Methods

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Wire/Bank Transfer (Cliick here to view Payment Details)
    • (In the link we should metion the following – Please note the Applicants name and grade in the memo or provide a copy of the bank transfer slip to trace the payment. Also, remember to add the service fee for the bank transfer, so that we receive the complete amount due. Thank you.