Global Community

We listen to and involve our global community of schools to ensure our programmes are rigorous, relevant and world class. We use feedback from our school community to help us improve what we do.

We support professional learning communities which connect teachers around the world so they can share views, information and resources, and learn from one another. Some of these communities are online. For example, subject communities use our popular discussion forums on our support site for teachers. Our Cambridge Global Perspectives community uses a secure online learning area to share approaches with teachers in other countries, and it is a safe space for students to share perspectives with students in another school, in another country, as part of the programme.

We organise a range of community events for Cambridge school leaders and teachers, including local, regional and global conferences every year, and training events where teachers and school leaders can learn from experts and each other.

We support Cambridge schools to set up their own local community of schools, run by schools for schools. They work together to exchange ideas, and to share knowledge and best practice in areas such as school leadership, curriculum planning, professional development and teaching. Working together the community may:

  • improve the quality of member schools through exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge and best practice
  • support schools new to Cambridge or experiencing change – for example, when they introduce a new Cambridge programme
  • form a collective voice to feed back issues to Cambridge, including the views of parents and students; or to influence local governing bodies and higher education about the value of international education and Cambridge programmes
  • organise shared training opportunities or events for students – for example, sports days or debating societies.

*The text above has been sourced directly from Cambridge international assessments website.

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