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    Back to school information for Primary-Middle-High school
    Dear Parents,
    Greetings from Çamlıca wherever this finds you! We are now in the month of August and so the countdown for the new school year has now started.

    Please note that that we will now be operating from three campuses
    Campus A : PreSchool – Turistik Çamlıca Cad No 29 ÜSKÜDAR-İST
    Campus B : Primary School – Turistik Çamlıca Cad 12 ÜSKÜDAR-İST
    Campus C : Middle-High School – Harman Sok 1

    The school switchboard for all campuses continues as 0216 335 0055

    For continuing students, if you have not yet registered for the new school year you should do so immediately and provide the following updated documents: Latest residence permit copy
    ID/Passport copy of parents’ and student’s (autobiographical page)
    Photos (4)
    Vaccination record copy (for foreign passport holders)

    For new students please be sure that you have provided the necessary documents:
    Last school report
    ID/Passport copy of parents’ and student’s (autobiographical page)
    Residence permit copy
    Photos (4)
    Vaccination record copy (for foreign passport holders)


    September 7: Grades 1 and grades 5 will be at school for a morning orientation programme 9:00-12:00, September 7-8-9-10. Grades 1 in the Primary School. Grades 5 in the new campus building.
    September 14: The whole school begins with a short day programme.

    First day programme:

    10.30 – 10.45 Opening ceremony
    10.45 – 12.00 Students are with class teacher
    12.00 – 13.00 Lunch break
    13.00 – 14.30 Students are with class teacher
    14.30 – 15.00 Organisation of school bus groups
    15.00 School closes

    Parents collecting children should be at school at 15.00 at the latest.
    NOTE: On September 14th parents are expected to deliver students to school. The school bus service begins to operate only from the afternoon of Monday, September 14th.

    Practical things to note:

    School Bag:   All students have a locker available. (Note: For practical reasons we do not use key). Bags should be placed in the locker and parents should note that bags should be of the following dimension to fit the lockers:  48 cm x 34 cm x 32 cm
    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We expect this to help us keep classes and corridors tidy and safe.

    Parent Handbook:  The revised edition will be available on our new website from September 14.

    Who is Who: A list of teacher assignments for school year 2015-16 will be published at the beginning of the school year.

    Academic Calendar: We are waiting the Approval of our Academic Calendar and will inform parents as soon as it has been approved.

    Akademik Takvim: Akademik takvimimiz için onay bekliyoruz. Sonuç alınır alınmaz veliler bilgilendirilecektir.

    Website: We have been working on a new website and expect it to be launched very soon. Keep an eye on

    Electronic Devices:
    Grades 1 to 4: If a student comes to school with mobile phone or any other electronic device he/she is expected to hand them to the class teacher the whole school day. The school accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage.
    Grades 5 to 11: If a student comes to school with mobile phone or any other electronic device he/she is expected to close the device on arrival at school and will only open it after school finishes at 16.05. The student is personally responsible for his/her property. The school accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage. Teachers from Grades 5 to 11 may ask students to use electronic devices for educational purposes only.
    Teachers are at liberty to confiscate electronic devices at any time if students do not follow the agreed policy.

    School bus: A representative will be at school to handle registrations from August 24.  You are strongly advised to register early to help in the logistics. The school bus company office continues to be located at the primary School campus.

    Ready for school: Students are expected to come to school on September 14 ready for work with the following basics:

    • Pencil case with a pack of pencils, ruler, scissors, a glue stick, a pack of colouring pencils and felt tip pens and a note book.
    • Students from Grade 3 in addition are expected to supply a geometry set (compass, protractor etc), pocket calculator.
    • Grades 1-4 : A personal headset with microphone for use in the computer lab.
    • Dictionary. Please consult the following table for details of English dictionaries used by various classes.
    Grade 2 First Dictionary 2000+ words Schofield & Sims B00EKYKZT8
    Grades 3-4 Oxford Junior Illustrated Dictionary Oxford 978-0192732606
    Grades 5-6-7 Macmillan School Dictionary Macmillan 978-0717145492
    Grades 8-9-10 Collins Concise English Dictionary Collins 978-0007365494

    These dictionaries are all available on Orders arrive at your home address usually within a week.
    A general needs list will be sent home the first week of the school year. All student belongings should be marked clearly.

    Dress code: There is no school uniform required but students are expected to attend school smart and comfortably dressed avoiding any form of jewellery, exaggerated hair styles etc. Guidance is provided in the Parent Handbook.     


    September 23-27 - Feast of Sacrifice Holiday
    September 28-30 – Class orientation meetings for Parents
    October 6 – Liberation of Istanbul Holiday

    Looking forward to welcoming you back to School Year 2015-2016

    John Lees BA PgCE MEd – Director of Teaching and Learning
    Mücahit Sekin BEd MEd-Principal International School
    Ömer Sun BA PgCE – Principal- Turkish School


    Campus A - Pre-School:
    Turistik Çamlıca Cad. No 29 / Üsküdar- İstanbul-TURKEY 34692

    Campus B - Primary School:
    Turistik Çamlıca Cad. No 12 / Üsküdar- İstanbul-TURKEY 34692

    Campus C - Middle - High School:
    Harman Sok. No 1 / Üsküdar- İstanbul-TURKEY 34398

    P: +90(216 335 0055) M: